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our work

This company aims, through its activity, to revive and revitalize the movement of construction, construction and contracting works within the country, according to the development plans prepared for this.

Execution of all construction works


water projects

Construction and development of buildings, dams and reservoirs

cooling systems

Implementation and maintenance of refrigeration systems and its attached devices and any projects that fall within the electrical works.

import and processing

Importing what is needed and what this company needs in its work from outside the country and contracting to supply any materials to all ministries and departments of the state

Renovation and construction work

Carrying out all construction, restoration and maintenance works for housing and work complexes (camps) and schools, and the company has implemented such works with a famous efficiency

Building materials processing

Supplying all types of building materials (gravel, sand, space, stone, … etc.)

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House no.57,street 13 Al-Theka building District 605, al-mansoor, Baghdad, Iraq

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+964 782-336-6612
+964 780-872-6002